Orseck Law Offices' Notable Cases

Greco v. Jenkins, 127 AD3d; 25 NY3d 1037: With the assistance of the Village of Monticello, local police, and district attorneys removed the Mayor of Monticello from his office. Held hearings before New York Appellate Division and also confirmed in New York's highest court.

Multi-million dollar condemnation case, Village of Kiryas Joel. Millions of dollars and other substantial settlements in quadriplegic, paraplegic cases.

Defended high profile divorce cases, allegations of "kidnapping" child and moving to Europe, national attention.

Successfully represented New York State Correctional Officers & Police Benevolent Association (NYSCOPBA) regarding nineteen correctional officers accused of the homicide of a state prisoner. Reported at length in the Associated Press and numerous other articles and newspapers.

Duncombe v. State of New York, 267 F Supp 103: Argued predecessor case, which led to United States Supreme Court decisions regarding constitutional free speech and the American flag.

Doralee Estates, Inc. v. Cities Service Oil Co. 569 F2d 716)
: Obtained large verdict plus $250,000 punitive damages in an oil spill pollution case. The court noted that "the type of modern tort (oil pollution) represented here is a fair field for punitive damages." This case has been cited in 54 other cases, including the Valdez pollution case in Alaska, which was heard before the United States Supreme Court.

Bevevino v. Saydjari, 574 F2d 676: $500,000 verdict, malpractice, loss of eye. Our arguments established that the standard of appellate review on a motion for a new trial. This case has been cited 270 times as of June 1, 2017.

Gardeski v. Colonial Sand & Stone Co., 501 F. Supp 1159: Successfully represented almost 100 residents of East Kingston, NY in shutting down the Colonial Sand & Stone cement plant for particulate air pollution.

Greenwald v. Board of Supervisors, 567 F. Supp 200: Predecessor to cases invalidating weighted voting in the composition of county legislatures.

People v. Cabrera, 10 NY3d 370: Successfully defended a young driver of a vehicle in an unfortunate accident resulting in the death of three people. Lead New York case on "vehicular homicide." Case was reported in numerous newspapers, including the Wall Street Journal

County of Sullivan v. Vaughan, 25 Misc3d 960: Successfully defended property tax foreclosure; challenged the methods used by counties for notice in tax foreclosure case.

United Talmudical Academy v. Town of Bethel, 24 Misc3d 1240(A):
Successfully obtained certificate of occupancy for a newly constructed synagogue in the Town of Bethel in Sullivan County.

Approximately 150 published cases and opinions. See West Law, Lexis Nexis